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Day by Day

Day by Day




Day by Day  


Every single day brings new experiences, challenges and insights, which are reflected in this work of art. Using structural paste, the highs and lows, the complexity and multi-layeredness, as well as everyday life, which never runs in a straight line, are brought out even more clearly.

The curved lines, an illustration of the ever-changing life with all its impassables. Despite the initially confusing appearance, the coloring of the work radiates a certain calm and joy that emerges from the orderly chaos of everyday life. The slightly circular dynamic in the work of art symbolizes that life does not always run in a straight line, but still always finds a way. “Day by Day” invites the viewer to remember that there is always a way, even if it is not always clear.


Structural paste, acrylic, pastels and watercolor pencil on canvas


Size: 80cm x 100cm


Signature and year on the front,

Title on the back

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